Fishbit System Plus


It’s two beautiful devices to help your aquarium thrive and avoid total disaster.

Your Monitor+ continuously checks your tank’s important water parameters (pH, temperature, AND salinity) so you can spend more time enjoying your tank and less time testing your water. While your Controller makes sure that the equipment around your tank is operating optimally 24/7. You can easily control and program your heaters, pumps, and even your dimmable lights! Both devices connect to your home’s WiFi so you can use your phone to control your tank from anywhere in the world!


  • Includes 1 Monitor+ , 1 Controller+ and peace of mind
  • Intuitive iOS or Android App alerts you if anything goes wrong and lets you check your levels or control your tank with ease.
  • Temperature probe so you don’t have to worry about those faulty heaters
  • pH probe gives you insight on your tank’s health at all times without having to use a test strip :)
  • Salinity probe helps you keep your tank incredibly stable
  • 8 on/off outlets
  • 8 dimmable channels (1-10 V, 0-5V PWM, 0-10V PWM)
  • Water level sensor combines with Controller to make an easy ATO

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