Fishbit System


It’s two beautiful devices: a Monitor that lives inside your aquarium measuring your tank’s important water parameters (pH, temperature) and a Controller that powers and automates your aquarium equipment. Both devices connect to your home’s WiFi so you can use your phone to control your tank from anywhere in the world!

The Fishbit system is packed with benefits to help keep your slice of the ocean protected and growing. Make your Fish happy and get one today!


  • Includes 1 Monitor, 1 Controller and peace of mind
  • Intuitive iOS or Android App alerts you if anything goes wrong and lets you check your levels or control your tank with ease.
  • Temperature probe so you don’t have to worry about those faulty heaters
  • pH probe gives you insight on your tank’s health at all times without having to use a test strip :)
  • 8 on/off outlets
  • Ability to add salinity probe in case you transition from Fresh to Saltwater
  • Ability to add water level sensor for an easy ATO setup

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